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Hi, I'm Mitch.

I'm an award-winning Las Vegas Valley web and mobile app developer with a focus in education. Here's a little about my background and where I'm at today.

Technology has been my primary interest for as long as I can remember. It started at a young age with the disassembly, examination, and attempted reconstruction of clock radios, telephone answering machines, and whichever other gadgets were within my short reach; but I later graduated to hand-me-down computers and discovered them to be far more intriguing.

After years of careful trial-and-error, I became self-taught in hands-on computer work as well as a number of programming languages. I was privileged to offer my skills to friends and family in my Indiana hometown of 500 through computer repair and support services, a hobby which quickly broadened beyond them by word of mouth.

As just a kid, I realized I would have to prove my ability by working in advance and presenting finished products without ever having been asked to produce anything. Before long, this landed me web design gigs for local businesses and civic organizations.

In high school, the same aforementioned friends and family continued to offer their support as I ventured across the country to compete in mobile app development competitions in which I ended up placing second nationally two years in a row and enjoyed stardom in local news.

Since then, while working directly with students and faculty as a K12 district technology assistant, I've discovered a newfound love for the power of technology in education and the joy it brings to young (and old) faces.

I am currently providing off-site software development for K12 schools—namely, my recent projects include custom student and faculty information systems solutions that integrate total account sychronization across the many cloud and e-curricula services in demand of the modern school district. I'm also working as a computer technician at Clark County School District for a day job.

I hope to hear from you!